Nature Speaks

Nature Story Corner Presents:

                                                     The Orchid                                      Orchid

She was not healthy.  In fact, she appeared to be near death.  I have no pictures of her at this time, never dreaming that one day I would wish to document her amazing recovery.  My friend gave her to me to resuscitate.  She was blooming beautifully when my friend received her as a gift, but now that the flowers were gone, the plant languished in less than optimal conditions.

I have an affinity for plants, especially flowers.  We talk.  I believe in their magic and somehow connect to it.  My friend knew this, so the orchid was now mine.  My previous experience with orchids though, had not been successful.  On more than one occasion I had not been able to get an orchid to rebloom.  But that was before I understood Nature, her energy, and realized that I had energy skills.  I had also been introduced to the energy and power of crystals.

The orchid was in a shiny red ceramic pot.  I walked around the house carrying her with me, talking to her and to Nature both.  I did consult my orchid book for guidelines, but mostly I talked to her.  Where was the best place for her to rest?  We wandered into the bathroom, the bathroom?, and it all made sense.  There is a skylight that provides a great deal of light, but no direct sunlight on her.  I take a daily hot shower, a longer than average one, and the air becomes warm and moist.  Here, she said.  Here, Nature said.  Okay, I said, but the glass shelf is narrow, and your leaves will be crowded.  Not a problem, I heard.  What I did then, and I am not clear how I was guided to do this, I took the cluster of Celestite crystals that had been on the shelf and tucked it under her arching leaves, near the base of the red pot.

Orchid blooms

I watered her once a week.  Conventional advice is to put a few ice cubes on an orchid since they don’t need much water.  Now really, if you were a tropical plant that loves warm moist air, would you like it if someone suddenly placed ice cubes on you?!  I used lukewarm tap water instead.

I talked to her every day.  I had no idea what a new stem would look like.  My orchid book did not have a picture.  I was encouraged that she was growing new roots..  The original stem was still part of her, clipped to a supporting stick… hmm… an unnatural substance.  I pulled the stick out, and let the stem float free.  The days passed.

I do not remember when I received her into my care, so I do not know how many days passed before I observed a new growth that looked a little different than a root.  Could it be?  Yes!  Each day revealed that she was growing a new stem.  Watching the stem grow, seeing the little bumps on the end that would eventually be flowers confirmed my belief in the energetic connection between her, Nature, the crystal, and me.  I talked to her even more. 

As the stem grew longer, I trimmed the original stem and used it to support the new growth.  The buds grew bigger and finally, one day, I walked into the bathroom and there it was, the first bloom!

Magic.  Exciting.  Beautiful.

And there were more buds to open!

A month later, there were eight gorgeous blooms.  There would have been nine, but I had accidentally knocked off one of the buds when adjusting the stem support.

Orchid in full bloom

She was happy.  I was happy.  Then three months later, all eight blooms intact, I noticed that there was new growth at the end of the stem.  Omigosh she was putting out more buds!  There were three more flowers to bloom!  This was a gift from Nature more precious than money could buy. 

The blooms lasted a long time.  Eight months from the first one opening to the last.  I was amazed at their longevity.  When they were ready to go, though, they dropped quickly.  I couldn’t bear to discard the faded blooms.  I have learned from flowers that there is beauty in the old as well as in the new. 

I wasn’t sure what would happen next.  Was her energy spent?  Would she bloom again?  Did I have to repot her?  So many questions.  The book indicated that repotting is helpful because the roots do not like to be crowded.  Selfishly, I did not want to repot her because I loved the red pot, and anything bigger would not fit on the shelf.  I asked her and she said wait.  Two of the oldest arching leaves faded and dropped off.  I cut back the second stem.  I almost killed her by overwatering, when I changed the size of the glass I used.  Less than attentive to the quantity of water, the situation reached a tipping point when I noticed a terrible smell in the house, especially near the bathroom.  Mold?  A dead animal in the attic?  No, the odor came from her, and I finally realized that her roots were rotting in the excess water.  I dumped it out, apologized, and cut back severely on how much water I gave her.  She also let me know that she did not want her roots disturbed and that I was not to repot her. 

Fast forward four months, and there is a new stem, with buds.  Perhaps I have found her cycle, for she bloomed in January last year, and appears to be on a similar time line.  I am looking forward to the beauty of her blooms once again.  I am indeed blessed to be the recipient of such glory.

~ the end ~

The Red Tail Hawk

Recently I had a very memorable close encounter with Nature.  It was November 22, in the energy of the New Moon.

I was headed to  my chiropractic appointment almost one hour drive away.  I reflected how I had previously tried to reschedule to a different day but somehow the office person did not change it in the book.

Because of construction of the major highway, route 376, everyone was diverted to the side road detour.  I was a bit concerned about arriving on time but my guidance kept saying – just follow the detour as is.  Thinking I could do better, I called Onstar for possible different direction but they were unable to do so and they could not figure out why.  I also tried to use my phone GPS and it was not working either.  So I stayed on the detour.  Suddenly the detour signs were gone and I was in the middle of nowhere without direction.  At this point I am angry and frustrated thinking that I had been led astray , and definitely not going to get to my appointment on time or at all.  I then ‘hear’ my guidance say – “What do you want to have happen?”  I reply, somewhat irritated – “I just want to get an appointment today, it doesn’t matter what time.”  I heard my guidance then say – “So be it”.

I called the office to tell them I wouldn’t make it down there on time.  I spoke with the Doctor personally and he voluntarily rescheduled to later. This was after office hours, even though he had made plans with his family.

So I kept driving.  I felt a ‘clearing’ of the energy around me and knew when I tried my GPS that it would work this time and it did.  I easily found my way onto route 79 south.

Because I had some time on my hands now, just over an hour, I stopped at a rest stop on the way.  Upon returning to my car, I notice a car pulling up next to me with something on their front bumper.  I didn’t pay attention until I heard the couple exclaim – “ It’s still there!”  Curious, I took a look.  There was a red tail hawk embedded in their car just above the bumper in a softball sized hole it had made from the impact.  They were from out of town, headed back home and the hawk had flown in front of their car an hour and a half ago as they were going 65 mph.

They were going to leave the body next to some bushes and drive on.  I asked if I could have the body thinking at least give it a proper burial for so fine an animal.   I took the bird from the man and we realized it was still clutching it’s prey – a vole.  I felt that the body was still warm.  All of a sudden it started to move its head and feet, slow and groggy but definitely still alive!

Moving quickly now, I wrapped the hawk in a blanket to contain it and to keep it warm.  I made several phone calls to the wildlife rehabilitation center where I volunteer, Wildlife Works, in Youngwood Pa.

One of the office staff said there was no place to take raptors around Washington Pa.  It would have to be transported to Youngwood, at least an hour away.   We agreed to meet at a halfway point.  The weather was freezing rain and black ice on the roadway.  As I drove, I stayed connected to the larger energy I was now feeling.

I got a look at one of the hawk’s eyes as I made the exchange.  It was clear and strong looking. I was hopeful that it would survive.

I still think about all the synchronicity that had to happen that day. I am thankful to all of nature and my guidance for helping me help that hawk.

Amazingly, the hawk suffered no broken bones and there was no damage neurologically from the impact.  It made a full recovery and was released December 18th close to where the original accident occurred so it could find its way home again.


A place bigger than I am…

A place where I feel expanded the moment I take a breath of fresh air…

A place of supportive, healing energy that surrounds me just for the asking…

A place to hike in the woods, walk through a swamp, or climb the red rocks…

My love of nature, especially trees (my Medicine Woman name is Padapah Mahant– “great tree”), is what I want to pass on to my children and grandchildren. 



Because of my participation in the Medicine Woman Apprenticeship, I have learned to appreciate and blend with nature in many diverse and challenging ways.  This exploration has allowed me to share my love of nature with my grandchildren in a deeper way.

With An Open Heart

When my oldest grandson was two, I introduced him to the trees in his Alaskan backyard.  Of course, he already knew they were there, but I taught him to say “Hello”, put his hand on the trunk and “feel” the energy.  He would then greet the trees regularly with “Hi, tree!”  He lives in one of the most breathtaking places on earth, and at age 11 derives much comfort and support from nature.  He loves to climb trees and is extremely proficient in his climbs.  His 9-year old brother also loves being outside hiking, climbing trees and playing sports.  When he was little we shared in his joy of flowers and bees.

With the Tree                             Learning Balance

When I introduced trees to my 2-year old granddaughter recently, she easily followed my lead by putting her hand on the tree and looking up at the top.  It was like she already knew how and just needed to be reminded. 

Natalya and the Tree

I found her repeating the ritual every time we went outside.  I also taught her to stand with her back to the tree and explained how to feel her energy blend with it.  We have taken several short hikes in the woods, and she will invariably seek out a tree and position her back against it not truly knowing why—though instinctively she probably does. (I have been told that when you put your back against a tree and blend with intention you can actually achieve a chiropractic adjustment.  I have experienced a decrease in back and shoulder pain when I have done this).

Sharing Wisdom

Nature is easily accessible in whatever form it takes (geographically, seasonally, time of day, in all types of weather and climate).  When I am in nature, I feel a sense of infinite possibility.  This is enhanced when I am there with the people I love.

Learning About Trees

Nature and Expansion

Through Diane’s spiritual/consciousness-building studies, Diane has reached some expansive states of light.  Twice in expanded states, Diane and a tree, (one tree in NY state and one tree in VA), shared a resonant state of higher light and higher flow than in ordinary states of being.  In both instances, Diane stood in front of the tree, which was engulfed in light and which was also pulsating light.  Diane’s sense was that in those exchanges with the 2 trees, the light Diane was generating and the light of the tree were in perfect resonance, and like a tuning fork, one made the other sing- equally and effortlessly. And beautifully.  Nature is light; Humans are light; All is light and consciousness.

Building Your Relationship With Nature

For centuries, humans have tried to control Nature. No different than “owning” other human beings, the continued process of engaging with Nature by “owning” and controlling parts of her has backfired. Nature is always moving toward balance. And each time one of us tries to manipulate any aspect of Nature, whether it is drilling for gas or putting chemicals on your lawn, Nature will respond. It is a law of physics that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Simply put, we cannot exterminate aspects of Nature, such as insects or animals, without exterminating ourselves.

How can we be more responsible, more mindful and more careful? Simply by engaging Nature in the decision making process. Nature has language just as we do. People have been communicating with animals, plants, insects, rocks, crystals… for eons. So why not ask Nature before digging that hole, spraying the yard, or killing those yellow jackets? Why not learn the language and take positive strides to work with Nature and support your own health in the process?

To assist you in deepening your connection with Nature and to help heal the Earth, we have developed a simple instructional prayer that is enclosed in a Nature Ceremony box. Along with the prayer you will find a candle with matches, a feather, a shell, and a crystal. Everything you need is included to offer ceremony and to help you to open more fully to the many gifts Nature has to offer. If you have not received your box, contact us today!

The Marcellus Shale drilling and any drilling or mining as a way of extracting resources from the Earth has most often occurred without first consulting the Earth. It is only recent that environmental impact has been considered when undertaking projects. Large projects, such as drilling or mining, construction, or destruction of structures, down to simple acts of spraying for insects or weeds or mowing the grass all impact the Earth. Most people do not consider or understand the consequences of these actions on the Earth or on their health. The long and short of it is that you cannot move any piece of the Earth without consequences. It is a law of physics – “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Drilling and mining causes shifts in the Earth and deep drilling can cause earthquakes. Many people, animals, and other creatures have died from earthquakes and resulting tsunamis in recent years.

On a smaller scale, you cannot spray to kill insects or weeds without causing harm and eventually exterminating yourself. The breakdown products of so-called “safe” insecticides and herbicides are toxic and can cause cancer in you, your family or your pets.

A simple step to know if your planned project, no matter how large or small, is a good idea or not, is to ask Nature. Allow yourself to be in a prayerful state of mind for a few seconds, and in your mind, connect with Nature by focusing on the trees, the grasses, the birds, the sky, the soil, and then ask your questions in the quiet of your mind or out loud. Then watch to see how Nature responds. Is there a large gust of wind that feels like a “NO!” or does a butterfly come close and catch your eye? Does a wasp come near you seeming to threaten or does the wind gently kiss your face? Do you feel a heaviness in your heart or are you suddenly joyful?

When the answer is clear, then be willing to go along with the “YES” or the “NO”. Not asking or going ahead anyway despite the “NO” is what people call RAPE.

When Nature says “NO”, it is from a place of wisdom, understanding all of the ramifications of your potential creation. When Nature says “YES” it means that what you are proposing can benefit many. If you are not sure of the answer and would like support to find out, consider joining one of our transmission times or contact us for a consultation.

To participate in the weekly Sunday night transmission for the highest outcome for issues like Marcellus Shale or any kind of drilling or mining, and to get support for any projects you have planned, follow these instructions:

Find a place to lie down or sit comfortably inside or out in Nature where you will not be interrupted. Move into a prayerful place and ask Nature for her input on what you are proposing. If your intention is just deepen your connection with Nature and to offer your support for the highest outcome for drilling, then state that in your thoughts one time or out loud. Remember that Nature is always listening!

The transmission is every Sunday from 9:00-9:15pm Eastern Time.

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