Venerable Geshe Chamba Tonyut

Venerable Geshe Chamba Tonyut will be in the United States on tour in 2020 offering teachings on mindfulness, compassion, meditation, opening the heart and heart sutra, emptiness, and more.  He will provide teachings to groups, and individual appointments can be arranged.

He took the novice ordination precepts (Getsul Vows) at age 11 from Kyabje Yangzin Ling Rinpoche, one of the two great senior tutors of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. In 1992 he took full ordination vows (Gelong Vows) from His Holiness the Dalai Lama at Drepung University.
With Students in Monastery


He studied Buddhist philosophy for 21 years before completing his Geshe (Lharampa) degree in the following subjects: Pramanavarttika (Valid Cognition), Parjnaparamita (Perfection of Wisdom), Madhyamika (Middle Way), Abhidharmakosa (Treasure of Knowledge), Vinaya (Monastic Discipline), finishing all with distinction.
Ceremony for Venerable Geshe Chamba Tonyut

Gyuto Tantric Monastery, India

He enrolled in a six year course Gelug Examination which included studies in Karam (Bachelor in Buddhist Philosophy), Lopon (Master in Buddhist Philosophy), Lharampa (Doctorate in Buddhist Philosophy) from 1997to 2002. He completed his doctorate with thesis on Prajnaparamita. In 2003 he was conferred Geshe Lharampa (PhD in Buddhist Philosophy). In 2003 he joined the Gyuto Tantric College at Dharamsala, India where he studied tantric and served as Vajra master for a year. In 2008, he was appointed the discipline master (Gegu) of Drepung Gomang Monastery. His exhibitory debate ceremony of Tantric of Vajrayana (Ngang kyi Damcha) in Gyuto Tantric monastery Dharmasala was in 2017. Teachings at the Monastery After completing his PhD, he has be a lecturer at Drepung Gomang University and he has been most Senior Teacher at Dhakpo Monastery. He has given talks in schools and universities, teaching on many topics related to Buddhism in India, Canada, Europe, Russia, South Asia, and Aruba.

Venerable Geshe Chamba Tonyut  US Tour, Date TBD

Offering teachings in the US on mindfulness, compassion, and happiness in everyday life.

To support Geshe Chamba Tonyut’s visit and tour, donate here with a credit card or PayPal by copying and pasting this link to your browser. A tax deductible receipt will be emailed to you. Thank you for your generosity and support. Donate with PayPal To ensure the FULL amount of your donation goes to OMIHA, you can mail a check directly to our treasurer : Check made to OMIHA                                                                       Mail to Laurie Rogers, Treasurer, OMIHA, 306 Terrytown Drive, McKeesport, PA 15135

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