About Us

2020 Leadership Council Officers

  • Diane Wian – President; Diane is a Consultant and Certified Business Coach  with particular skill and expertise in helping clients align their intentions, desires and values to more easily reach their inspired goals.  She really enjoys connecting people to purpose – co-creatively -to a higher, altruistic goal that benefits all.    http://www.linkedin.com/in/dianewian; Annandale, VA
  • Patricia Stewart, M.Ed – Vice President; Patricia is a Licensed Professional Counselor; Charlotte, NC
  • Secretary position – open
  • Laurie Rogers – Treasurer; Laurie is a grandmother and community volunteer; McKeesport, PA
  • Constance Frank, RN – Member; Plant Medicine Faculty; Connie is a nurse, an apitherapist, and shiatsu practitioner; Belle Vernon, PA 

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Wynne Brown, Chief Council Officer, is an integrative medicine physician in a university setting. She provides consultations, is an acupuncturist, and has over 30 years of experience with bio-identical hormone replacement, essential oils, herbs, supplements, and education about food as your first medicine. She is an advocate for health care regardless of income or life circumstances.

She has facilitated regular weekend workshops  through the Institute on menopause, hormones, how to grow your food organically, alternative and integrative medicine topics for over 15 years, as well as founding the Original Medicine Apprenticeship.

She has also taught Deepening Your Meditation Practice With the Golden Body, Flow Alignment and Connection™, Awakening Your Light Body, and Graduate Light Body Classes.

Kathleen Werner, Chief Operating Officer, has been nurse for over 35 years, and is an animal lover and healer. She managed a retreat center for the participants in OMIHA programs for years. She is a gourmet cook and has led and coordinated the “all about the food” educational experiences of attendees from medicinal plants and organic farm practices to preparation to presentation.

She has taught Awakening Your Light Body and is a graduate of the Original Medicine Apprenticeship.

Wendell Mx Cooper, is faculty in a university setting. They also teach interactive workshops that support you to develop and deepen your daily practice, whether that is yoga, energy work or some other path of spiritual growth. They are a dancer, traveling internationally to collaborate, teach and perform  with other traditional dancers.

As a yoga instructor they combines their expertise in energy work to offer a deeper experience in meditation. They also teach Awakening Your Light Body, an accelerated path of evolutionary growth, and Graduate Light Body classes through the Institute.


Carl Rogers | Chief of Volunteer Services

Laurie Rogers | Communication Specialist

Beth Mauroni | Chiropractor, Original Medicine Apprenticeship Graduate, and Volunteer


Lynda Hendershot is ex-officio Vice President of the Leadership Council, serving from 2009-2012.

Shirl Regan is ex-officio Treasurer of the Leadership Council, serving from 2009-2012

Stephanie Walsh is ex-officio Secretary of the Leadership Council, serving from 2009-2013

Sue Brandell is ex-officio Secretary of the Leadership Council, serving 2014-2016

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