The Original Medicine Institute for the Healing Arts is a not-for-profit, 501 (c) 3 spiritually-based educational organization. We offer pathways of healing in partnership with the earth, through workshops, professional development retreats, and online courses.

We are writing the future for ourselves, our children and the planet. Future generations are depending on us to find the answers to the distress the Earth Mother is signaling and to create peace with each deliberation.

Our planet is alive and churning with all of the pollution, drilling and chemicals dumped on her daily. We have the opportunity to help our planet to heal and in doing so, help ourselves to heal as well.

Cancer, respiratory illness, allergies,… so much suffering that we have brought on ourselves by not living a balanced life; a life that takes Nature into account when we make decisions that affect her – and us.




Join us in daily meditation to build a collective body of consciousness to support harmony and balance.

So many on the planet are suffering today from physical problems, emotional distress, mental fatigue, and spiritual disconnection. The toll of the pandemic, physical distancing, climate change, and political unrest has resulted in isolation and extreme stress for many. If you are experiencing some or all of these concerns, or if you are ready to support meaningful change, then join our virtual gathering for the betterment of the planet.

We will begin with the Full Moon on October 1, 2020 and complete our meditations with the Full Moon January 28, 2021. During that time we will connect through meditation daily to hold a tone, a vision, beyond duality of harmony and balance for the highest good.

You can join whether you have experience in meditation or are new to the process.

Here are the essentials: Choose a time period daily that works for you to join us from October 1st through January 28th.

Start your meditation as usual. Remember to join with, for example, your higher self, soul, nature of mind. Invite your guides, higher power, guardian angels, and Nature, whoever you choose from the higher realms of light.

Connect with the group energy – those participating, supporting the intention of harmony and balance.

If you need help, listen to a journey or guided meditation, music, or chant during this time.

Remember to finish your time of meditation with gratitude for the highest outcome of our group efforts.

2 Responses to Home

  1. Barb Goff says:

    Will join you in meditation. I’ve not linked with others intentionally before. b


    • Wynne says:

      We find you as energy. If you join in the time, think about us, and you can experience being connected. What has your experience been like since you joined in? Wynne


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